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Ralph and Henry Christening 20.8.2017


Ralph and Henry Christening 20.8.2017

Twin Christening



Being asked to photograph my cousin's twins christening was a huge honour, not only because it showed true loyalty from family but because I have shared a journey with the twins and Belle (their mum) that makes them even more special to me.

Coming from such a big Norfolk family the relationship with my cousins is the purest you can come across. Belle and I have grown up together and now live our adult lives together in Leicestershire, after both marrying Tigers rugby players. But last June our family bond went to a new level…..

Finding out Belle and Dan were expecting twins was exciting but daunting (as I think it always is when expecting twins) but I was in a similar position myself now expecting my second with only 18 months age gap. Being upbeat, strong women, we took it in our stride and focused on the task ahead. 

27th June soon came by (my due date) and was pleased to find myself in labour….. Yeay the chances!!!  but things didn't end up so “yeay" and I was rushed through for emergency c-section which also went wrong!!! But once my healthy little boy was put into my arms relief soon took over. 

Belle and Dan were in and out of hospital having scans and checks on the twins, so they were our first visitors and I couldn't have been more thankful for the big hug I got from Belle (one of those special hugs) and seeing Dan holding Hamish (awkwardly it has to be said) with the realism it was them next!!!

Over the following month Belle and I found ourselves both admitted into hospital on the same ward. Scary times but made so much easier having each other and having that support. 

Soon the day arrived for the twins to make an appearance, two teeny tiny boys weighting around 5lbs named Ralph and Henry, loved from the very first moment and bought so much happiness with them. 

Over the following year the boys have started to grow into strapping lads and we are doing everything we can to give them the best starts in life one being a Christening……


twins christening with family

Dan and Belle live in a beautiful house on the edge of Rutland/Leicestershire with the church basically in their back garden, so picturesque and the perfect setting for their boys' christening. 

Belle had planned the event beautifully with bouncy castles and a delicious buffet with my Aunty Caro making an amazing cake (she is incredible). 




I love a church service where everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, but a service that hands out chocolates, plays the best hymns and throws eggs around!! Amazing!! 

So amazing my daughter and cousin's little girl decided they would quite like to take part in the christening and became the vicar's best friends. 


As for Ralph and Henry looking the part in their beautiful outfits, getting water poured over them wasn't the highlight of their day, but they loved having all their family around them and being the centre of attention.